Can you get pregnant during your period?

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Although there are many benefits like female condoms, birth control pills to help us in our busy lives, many people are reluctant to use them. Many new married couple thinks it is safe to have sex during the period. The subject matter of this article, Can you get pregnant during your period?

Can you get pregnant during your period?

Also, most women think that having sex during their period does not make them more likely to get pregnant. But this idea may be wrong in many cases, it may not be known to many people. You need a proper guideline about whether you can get pregnant during your period.


Is it possible to get pregnant during the period?

She has been married for only a year and a half. Puja and Nitin did not want children now. They were not careless in any way. They thought the period was safe for sex. Most couples think so. But how is it still? After waiting for about a month and a half, Puja found out that she was 5 weeks pregnant.

Although there are many benefits such as female condoms and birth control pills to help us in our busy lives, research shows that 49 percent of pregnancies are still unplanned. This is because of the lack of a clear idea about the menstrual cycle.


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Menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy

Menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy

In general, we assume that you are not likely to get pregnant during the menstrual cycle. Bleeding is caused by the rupture of the uterine lining during the period. So we assume that the ovum has not yet been released from the ovary.

But the doctors said, the ovaries may remain active during this time. So even if the intercourse is very small during the period, the possibility of ovulation remains.

Trying to conceive?

If you are trying to conceive, it is good to know that the chances of fertilization are not very high in the days around the period. During this time the ovum is not very active.

If you want to avoid pregnancy

In this case, even though the period is safe, there is a small risk. There is usually no risk of getting pregnant during this time. However, in some cases the risk may increase.


When does the risk of getting pregnant increase?

Sometimes your risk of getting pregnant may increase. These may vary from person to person. What is seen in the case of different women is highlighted below.

Early ovulation

Although the ovum is not supposed to be active during the period, there can still be a slight risk. In that case you can get pregnant if you ovulate early. Again, ovulation can occur even if there is no period.

Sperm life

In this case too you can get pregnant.

Short period cycle

Not everyone has the same period cycle. If your cycle is short i.e. 21-24 days, then your ovulation will be earlier than the time of ovulation in a normal cycle of 28-30 days.

In this case you can get pregnant right after the end of the period in addition to the time of the period.

Irregular periods

If your cycle is irregular then it is difficult to understand the exact day of ovulation. This can be due to hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity or eating disorders.


Mistakes that can happen

In many cases, light bleeding occurs during ovulation. This is called mid-cycle or ovulatory bleeding.

Many times we mistakenly call it period. In this case, but the period is so you will be in danger if you have sex thinking it is safe.

This is the most fertile time of the period cycle.

How to be sure about the day of ovulation

To be sure about this day you need to have an accurate grasp of your period cycle.

If you don't understand your period cycle, you can't be sure about the day of ovulation


Understand your period cycle

The menstrual cycle normally revolves around 21-35 days. The time before ovulation can be up to 13-20 days.

Periods usually occur within 14-18 days of ovulation.


Body temperature

Body temperature rises slightly from three days before ovulation.  After the period gradually decreases.

This temperature change is so subtle that it can only be detected by a special thermometer. The temperature rises to 0.4-0.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the temperature rises the most from 2-3 days before the temperature drops to 12-24 hours, the chances of getting pregnant are highest.

Cervical mucus

Even if you notice the cervical mucus, you will know when is the best time for your pregnancy.

Your body is most fertile when it comes to the most clean, slippery, egg whites.

Within 4-11 days of ovulation, the mucus starts to become cloudy and sticky again.


Period date chart

Period date chart

If your cycle is short, exclude 18 days from the period. That day is your most fertile day. In this way, understand the next fertile day and mark it on the calendar.

If it is a long period cycle then skip 11 days in the same way. Accordingly, you will understand your next fertile day.

If you have sex during the period, follow some precautions

According to a survey, boys avoid using protection during periods. In such a situation, both of them are at risk of various types of infections. Therefore, always use condoms to avoid pregnancy and infection during this time. Also, clean yourself after intercourse.

Those who are Muslims do not usually have sexual intercourse during the period. Because Islam forbids intercourse at this time.

There is also a logical reason for this, that having sex during periods does not give a woman comfort or pain as it can lead to infection.

What is the menstrual cycle or period?

This is a natural process in a woman's body. At a certain time of the month, a mature egg or ovum is released from the ovaries of girls. This is called ovulation. The ovum travels from the ovary to the uterus through the fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tube is the place where the sperm or sperm fertilizes the egg or ovum. However, if there is no pregnancy, the ovum comes out of the body in the form of bleeding. Which we call period or menstruation.


The main thing we tried to know is, is it possible to get pregnant during the period? That is, can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period or can you get pregnant during your period?

And the simple answer is, you don't usually get pregnant during your period. However, in some special cases, there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

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