What should Parents do in caring for and loving their children?

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Parental love for children: Parents are always worried about their child's various problems.  They have various questions in their minds about what kind of treatment to take for any problem and what problems they can solve on their own.  At this time they are in various dilemmas.


What should Parents do in caring for and loving their children?

In this case, they have to solve some of the initial problems on their own, such as - if the baby's body temperature rises or fever, paracetamol should be given regularly.  If the child's nose is closed due to cold, the nose should be cleaned with a cotton bud soaked in hot water.  If a new-born baby has a bad stomach, he should be breastfed again and again.

Basically a baby should be exclusively breastfed from birth to 6 months of age, and of course the baby should be exclusively breastfed right after birth.  Because there is no substitute for breast milk.  Until the age of 6 months, the baby can not be fed a single drop of water.  Many mothers think that their baby is not getting breast milk properly, it is not right.  If your baby urinates 6 times a day or more, you should know that he is getting enough milk.  Various paediatricians have suggested that mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed during pregnancy. So that they breastfeed the baby properly and refrain from feeding the feeder. 

Eating feeders is not always healthy and many times babies learn to suck feeders and no longer want to drink breast milk.  Breastfed babies have faster mental development and better physical constitution. 

Many mothers are worried about when to start feeding their baby for the first time and when to start giving extra food.  From the age of 6 months, the baby should start giving extra food little by little, not before.  However, those who have difficulty in understanding will remember that the baby will be able to start giving him extra food from the day he will be 181 days old.

All mothers have a question in their mind, what will start the baby's first meal?  - In the first case, you must start with soft and thin food, such as - home-made rice semolina, potatoes or sweet potatoes, etc.  If you learn to eat in this way, you can give any normal food. 

Parents need to pay special attention to the child's well-being.  We have to take care of his movements, is it normal to play sports?  Whether he is always smiling, whether he is crying unnecessarily, whether he is angry at times, whether he is keeping quiet, if these things are normal then you have to understand that your child is very healthy and normal.  A healthy and beautiful environment is necessary for the physical and mental development of a child.  And it's the parents responsibility to make sure.  Because it is said that the family is the primary school of a child, the healthy mental development of the child starts from the family.  For the baby to grow normally, parents need to be tolerant of the baby. 

Parents should try to understand the child's feelings, because they express what they can't say through their feelings.  We think that they do not understand anything, but this is not true.  They understand everything because their intellect is much sharper than that of adults.  So we have to be much more careful towards them. How a child develops mentally and physically after birth depends on his or her parents.  Parents need to change their surroundings and create a healthy environment for them.

For the healthy normal development of a child, it is necessary to take care of him from the very beginning i.e. from childhood.  When a child is born, his parents are at the center of solving all his problems.  So parents need to be more aware of every step of the way for the baby.  From infancy to adulthood, children are exposed to a variety of problems, and parents have to find solutions.

What should Parents do to solve their child's childhood problem?

  • 1.  They try to imitate what they see as a child, so never speak loudly in front of them with abuse or threats. 
  • 2.      Talk to them more and more, so that they can try to talk too.  You can't talk to them in a distorted voice, you have to speak softly in a normal voice. 
  • 3.      Child should be given the opportunity to play and socialize with other children so that a friendly attitude is created in him. 
  • 4.      Talk to the child in clear language so that the problem of stuttering does not occur.
  • 5.      Never frighten your child about anything, but try to break his fear if for some reason he gets scared or suddenly becomes silent. 
  • 6.      If children get angry or talk loudly for any reason, it should not be used with them.  Treat them friendly. 
  • 7.      Never discuss child's faults in front of the them and do not laugh at the criticism of his faults in front of everyone as it will make him emotionally depressed. 
  • 8.      Never compare her to another child at her age, let her do everything she wants.


What should Parents do to keep their child's healthy?

  • Bathing is very important for children.  Many times the baby is afraid of catching a cold so he should take regular bath with lukewarm water, because taking regular bath keeps the body health of the child good. 
  • The clothes used by the baby should always be clean  and disinfected.  This is because unclean clothes can often make children sick. 
  • Children’s toys should always be kept clean because children often put toys in their mouths and get sick. 
  • Make a list of foods that increase immunity and eat enough vegetables and fruits.
  • Children should be kept away from the crowd as much as possible
  • Keep the child away from people who have colds or other infectious diseases.  Because these diseases are transmitted very quickly. 
  • Smoke from anything that is harmful to children can cause them to have difficulty breathing, so it is
  •  better not to keep mosquito coils or other incense sticks around the baby. 
  •  If you want to keep the baby healthy, it is better to never give him outside food. 
  • Children should always be taught neat and tidy clothes. 
  •  It is not right to give cold drinks or ice cream to children, it harms them. 
  •  If children have shortness of breath, you can use Norsal drops so that the child can breathe easily.

 The role of parents in the mental development of the child:

  • Do not show greed to the child for any work, but give gifts for the right work, give affection and encourage good deeds. 
  • Always give fear to the child for any work, it will make him self-reliant.  Tell him he can. 
  • Introduce the child to natural things for the sensory development of the child. 
  • Give the baby a taste of free movement, do not say no to all the work. 
  •  Do not compare with any other child.
  • Do not speak disrespectfully in front of the child. 
  • Listen to the child, what he or she wants to say, and pay attention to what he or she says.
  • Never get angry and  beat him in the public place.


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