Several health and psychological benefits of eating bananas every day!

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A study showed that every German eats, on average, 16.3 kilograms of bananas a year. There are several benefits of this delicious fruit, not only on the body, but also on the mood.

According to health and nutrition experts, eating bananas has many benefits for human health and mood.

Several health and psychological benefits of eating bananas every day!

Getting rid of abdominal pain and high blood pressure

Bananas aid in digestion. This is mainly due to its magnesium and potassium content. Potassium-rich foods such as bananas or dates can help lower blood pressure, explains Professor Felix Mahfouz, cardiologist at Saarland University Hospital in Germany. Bananas also contain vitamin B6.

Bananas can also help relieve stomach pain, as they contain a lot of starch. Bananas envelop the irritated stomach lining as a protective layer, which relaxes the digestive system.

Mood improvement

According to the German "Berliner Courier", many people need happiness hormones in the dark winter months more than the rest of the year. And we usually get it from chocolate. However, bananas have a similar effect. And just 30 minutes outdoors can lift your mood and jump-start your metabolism,” explains registered dietitian Deborah Grunberg.

A quick energy giver

The combination of fructose and fiber provides the body with energy quickly. Many people eat bananas to get energy quickly, at work or during exercise. The more ripe the banana, the better the result.

Antige Gall of the German Society for Nutrition explains that if bananas are not ripe enough, they contain more starch, which breaks down as the banana ripens. Unripe bananas contain more complex carbohydrates and less refined sugar. As a result, underripe bananas provide energy more slowly but over a longer period of time than overripe bananas.

The German "Berliner Courier" website says that it is preferable to store bananas in a sunny and warm place. In order to avoid the formation of black spots on it, it is preferable to hang it. After peeling it and before eating it, it is recommended to wash hands thoroughly to get rid of the pesticides and anti-mold that bananas are treated with to prevent them from rotting during transportation and before reaching the consumer.

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