How to store the meat in the refrigerator after sacrifice?

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The sacrifice was done. This time one of the biggest tasks of the house is to store meat in the refrigerator. You don't have to put the meat in the refrigerator again. There are many examples of problems in the refrigerator including spoilage of meat if it is not stored properly. 

Another important question when storing meat in the fridge is- how long does the meat stay good in the refrigerator? Raw meat usually stays in the refrigerator for six months to a year. During this time the nutritional value of the meat does not change much. However, if the meat is stored longer than this, both the nutritional value and the taste can be reduced.

Store the meat in the refrigerator after sacrifice

But you don't have to leave the meat in the refrigerator as it is. If the meat is stored according to some rules, the quality of the meat will be good and the refrigerator will be tidy. Let's know 10 ways to store meat in the refrigerator after sacrifice-

  • Meat should be stored in a clean refrigerator. And everyone has done the job of cleaning this fridge before the sacrifice. After cleaning, fresh ice should be stored in the refrigerator. The meat will cool quickly and the quality will be good. And as a result of storage in a clean refrigerator, dirt and germs accumulated in the refrigerator will not be able to spoil the meat.

  • When storing meat in the refrigerator, storage method and temperature should be kept in mind. After cutting the meat, the meat cannot be put in the refrigerator. Because the meat is very hot at this time. So the meat should be stored in the refrigerator after the temperature returns to normal.

  • After bringing the meat of the sacrifice home, the run, the part of the chest, the meat of the legs should be divided in this way. Separate the meats with the fat. Beef and mutton can be kept in the fridge for five to six months. It is better to cook it immediately without keeping the liver and brain in the refrigerator. When these are cooked stale, the taste is lost.

  • After bringing home, the meat must be washed, cleaned and drained of water. This clears the dirt and excess blood in the meat. Then the meat should be stored in food grade plastic bags or ziplock airtight bags.

  • It is better to keep the meat in small packets without keeping it in the refrigerator. Every time you take out a big packet, remove the ice and take a little bit and leave the rest again, the taste of the meat can be ruined. The meat packet should be done in such a way that about half of the packet is empty.

  • Try to fold the packets evenly and neatly like pillars. When the meat is to be kept, another packet should be placed with paper in the middle of one packet. If you keep it in the  refrigerator for a long time, one packet will not get stuck with another. You can easily take out a packet of meat from the fridge.

  • After storing the meat, the temperature in the fridge should be kept below zero degree Fahrenheit or minus 18 degree centigrade. Because the meat will freeze quickly. At this temperature, the harmful bacteria, yeast and other germs in the meat become inactive.

  • Write the date on a polythene packet with a marker before putting the meat in the refrigerator. You can easily find out how long the meat has been in the refrigerator. You can level or tag the meat packets. Such as minced meat, liver, brain etc. This will help to find out later.

  • Place him brain, minced meat, liver, small meat, etc. on top of the refrigerator. Place large packets of meat and bones on the bottom. It is better not to put down something that can be crushed under pressure with large bones.

  • Which packet should be taken out first and which one should be kept in mind while packing later. Meat packets that are too tight cannot be refrigerated. There may be problems finding out later. It is not right to put the fridge in a frying pan.


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